About Us

Bento is a small shighly specialised consultancy. Launched in 2002, it is headed by Anne-Claire Paré who is personally involved in all missions

Anne-Claire Paré is one of the most sought-after French experts on international trends shaping the restaurant and foodservice industries. In 2003 she created Inspiresto, the first restaurant trend book , which has since been regularly updated. The firm’s clients feel empowered by the handbooks’ analytical approach and quality content to make decisions regarding creating and enhancing their restaurant products and concepts

Anne-Claire Paré is widely published in the sector publications, including L’Hôtellerie-Restauration, NéoRestauration, Zepros Restauration, France Snacking. Her analyses are frequently quoted in the mainstream like France 2/France 3 or Journal du Dimanche, Elle and le Nouvel Economiste. A trainer and conference speaker, she organises and participates in a number of sector events to provide her insights and perspective on the challenges at hand. Events include: SIAL, Equip’hotel, International Foodservice Congress, Néorestauration Buyers & Distributors Trade Forum and Rapid Resto Show.

Bento has a unique point of view of the global restaurant & foodservice landscape drawing on seasoned correspondents across a number of leading opinion hubs worldwide, consistent analysis of hundreds of specialised and general publications, as well as a database that is truly unique in terms of content and efficiency showcasing resources collected over 10 years.

Our Approach

casserole1 – High quality actionable insights: The unique up-to-date international database helps generate inspiring benchmarks that foster innovation and decision-making. Beyond the depth and breadth of the research, the firm leverages its extensive marketing and prospection expertise to assess and explore the proposed ideas to help guide your choices.
fouet2 – Custom integrated solutions tailored to your needs to ensure successful outcomes. Bento believes in the efficiency of collaborative solutions: To this end, we encourage our clients’ input to help us understand their needs and to establish profitable recommendations.
dome3 – Unrivalled sector expertise: The collective foodservice & restaurant industry experience showcased by bento’s consultants is enriched – and sometimes challenged – by consistent tracking of the most imaginative concepts and products worldwide. This unique alliance between specialist abilities and a trend-spotting disposition endows them with unmatched analytical and creative skills.

Our Experts

Bernard Grieneisen
Operations, Processes and Finance
Has been establishing and managing leading concepts in Paris: Paris Porte de Versailles exhibition centre, the Louvre Museum, the Quai Branly Museum, the Château de Versailles. A passion for cultural sites, a quest for excellence in terms of service quality and adequate restaurant menus. His favourite restaurants: Pipero Al Rex in Rome, Commerce 24 in Barcelone, David Toutain in Paris
Eric Reithler
Culinary Consultant
33 years of experience and practice in the realms of gourmet cuisine, 20 years of service in the agribusiness industry and now at your service.
Evy Dutheil
Design and Innovation
A product designer and graduate of Ensaama (Paris) and BIAD (Birmingham), Evy develops playful and elegant concepts with specific attention to context. She works on projects that are vast as they are attractive, either independently or with an international team promoting product eco-innovation, identity and usage. Her favourite restaurants are:
Manger: I eat, you eat, he/she eats: A humanitarian restaurant, Alain Passard-ARPEGE: A restaurant supplied by its own vegetable garden, Unpostoamilano in Cascina Cuccagna, Milan, and its bioarchitettura principles
Déborah Sitbon
Social Networks
An eye for go-to venues, keen on innovations, a passion for gourmet cuisine and travelling. A huge appetite for new technologies: “Social networks are no longer a mystery to me and I use them to share my favourite venues and discoveries.” The restaurants she likes: Pascade & Septime in Paris, True Food Kitchen in San Diego. Blog: Ailleurs is Better
Michèle Gay
Culinary Flavours
“Cooking the Flavours” Michèle Gay’s cuisine composition can be described as an “out of the kitchen” experience. Her recipes are as sophisticated in taste as they are simple to prepare. Keen on quality products, her spice collection draws its essence from the perfumer’s palette, a collection she blends with excellent culinary ingredients.
Her signature tools: Natural perfume essences in small doses and a particular fancy for fruits in savoury recipes. She excels in contrasting emotion-provoking tastes and matching flavours. Her all time favourites are the combinations between pear and jasmine, melon and Bulgarian rose, chocolate and patchouli, coffee and osmanthus, camembert and vetiver.
Bertrand Nicolle
“Today everyone needs a logo, a website. The difference between brand identities is in the positioning. Anne-Claire and I are here to respond to your brand design needs. I heartily recommend the Marche de l’Olive in Paris, near the Marx Dormoy metro station, with its multiple quick-serve restaurants. This typical Parisian in-door market boasts Moroccan, Italian, Caribbean, African as well as Thai food.”

Worldwide Contributors

Michael Goldman
Brooklyn, New York, USA
Michael is the Founder of HauteLife, a full-circle marketing and media platform that produces unique, custom magazines for high-profile chefs and restaurateurs. Targeting high-end, savvy consumers, these culinary, cultural, and lifestyle publications focus on food, wine, spirits, travel, art, and style as it pertains to each specific chef or restaurant, offering diners a behind-the-scenes perspective into this world from both inside and outside the restaurant. HauteLife brings the pages to life by creating experiential culinary and lifestyle events that integrally link chefs and culinary brands directly with their audience. His adresses in Brooklyn: Marlow & Daughters, Maison Premiere, Toby’s Estate, Van Leeuwen Ice creams, the MeatHook, Okonomi.
Laurence Mittelbronn
Dallas, Texas, USA
A world-class food and hospitality international buyer, Laurence scours the planet to unearth the best products and to establish the best partnerships for a number of selected clients. She’s at home anywhere from big American cities like Dallas where she lives to the streets of Bombay or Shanghai, and knows how to sniff out some of the most inspiring venues.
Jean Tripier
San Francisco, California, USA
Jean is an entrepreneur and an avid surfer who’s been living in San Francisco for 15 years. The “City by the Bay” offers in his opinion of a perfect balance between technological innovation and proximity to the Pacific waves. His favourite restaurants and cafés are located in Mission, Potrero Hill and Dogpatch: A long list includes Piccino, Magnolia Brewery, Gracias Madre and Fourbarrel Café
Juliet Schields
London, United Kingdom
Juliet has had 30 years’ experience of owning and managing successful cutting-edge restaurants and award-winning sandwich cafes. Since 2007 she operates full time as a consultant for start-ups, be it cafés, restaurants or food producers. Her addresses in London: “There are so many new and exciting restaurants opening weekly in London that it’s hard to keep up, but current favourites are Peruvian: Andina in Shoreditch and the newly opened Lima Floral in Covent Garden. In Soho I also like very much Blanchette, a French small plates operation. Also in Soho there is 10 Greek Street and Duck Soup, both relaxed styles but emphasis on imaginative fresh food”.
Thierry Levenq
London, United Kingdom
Thierry, a fanatic foodie and banker, has been living in London for the past 10 years and spends lots of time in Scandinavia. Favourite restaurants: In London Grain Store, Story & Mayfields; in Stockholm Wedholm Fisk & Storehof; in Sydney Glebe Point Dinner & Fish Face.
Kay Fong Man Heng
Hong Kong, China
Born, studied, works ans lives in Hong Kong. “I like Hong Kong in a way that I can find anything and any cuisine here. Shops and restaurants open till very late so I never get bored. Dim Sum restaurants and Cha Chan Teng will be my recommendations if you want to try something local and traditional. And personally, I do think Japanese, Thai and Shanghai food are pretty good in Hong Kong.”