Joe & the Juice decoded for Neorestauration

The creation: In Copenhagen, Denmark, in 2002 by Kaspar Basse, a very ambitious young Danish whose objective, from the first day, is to become the Starbucks of fruit juice.

The network: soon 60 juice bars in Denmark, Scandinavia & the UK.

The services: juices of course but also milkshakes, coffees and sandwiches with the flavor studied between Scandinavian bread strong in cereals and melting fillings which recycle the best sellers of the kind like mozzarella, avocado, Serrano, turkey Or spicy tuna.

The prices: Starbucks oblige, we stay in the line of 5 € for a drink and as much for a sandwich. Not given but accessible.

The Pitch:

Joe & The Juice, a small restaurant actor, but great by ambition & already well established in Europe on the not so easy segment of juice bars, realized that to exist one must know how to impose oneself. With its black and pink color codes and its baroque decoration, which looks towards the Starck, the concept is totally at odds with the family’s very well thought-out codes: green, white & wood … At Joe, we are in the Rock & Juice With the soundtrack moving, the black lights are black and the waiters who do the show.

Humor and Girl Power

The service is one of the signatures of the sign with a casting 100% masculine, as young and cool as looked. The result is that the concept is one of the favorite of women, which is the priority target of the brand and ensure its success. Everything is prepared minute, from juices to sandwiches, which is made possible by a map centered around a few specialties. Add to that a frank sense of humor: the juices are called “Paradise for Hangover”, “Fiche le Camp Toubib” or “Iron Man” and you will understand why Joe & The Juice is much more than juice As its base line “Coffee, Juice & Much More” …