Analytics and Research

Do you want a better understanding of the world’s culinary trends or to find out where tomorrow’s cuisine is being invented?
Do you want to find out everything about HEALTH across the globe and the most original concepts ever developed?
Do you want to find out whether your restaurant concept can draw inspiration from brands in OTHER countries?
Do you want to discover the most effective ingredients and cooking methods to enhance your menu or to create new products?
Lastly, are you seeking information on foodservice development in confined sites: locations with large crowds such as stations, locations with a high purchasing power such as airports, limited time locations such as shopping malls…

Ask us for whatever you need, and you’ll be surprised by the quality and depth of the information you’ll receive!

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Restaurant and foodservice trends: a fascinating and engaging subject!
For over 10 years, Anne-Claire Paré has been assisting managing boards, franchisees assemblies, trade show participants, management and employee conventions as well as network or sales development meetings to share her rich, vibrant and often startling perception of the market. Her conferences are a unanimous hit and are adapted to your company size and to your communication objectives; they range from a brief perspective delivered in 30 minutes to workshops spanning 3 hours.

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The Trend Handbook

Ready-to-use, highlighting an integral and professional perspective of a city, bento’s trend handbooks are bursting with ideas that are inspiring and even wild at times. Their contents can be presented in the event of a custom workshop.

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Inspiresto Barcelona

Over 50 concepts are studied, analysed and largely illustrated with photos, menus, signature dishes, awesome promises and high-end interior designs, all in a handy format. Cutting-edge selection, features blended with promising innovations, illustrating Bento’s presentation and analytical skills. Discover the best of Eixample, cutting-edge concepts from Barceloneta or the Barrio Gotico and the latest openings El Nacional or Bellavista del Jardin Norte.

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Inspiresto London

London, the capital of foodies, boasts some of the most imaginative and appealing venues ranging anywhere from ultra-private coffee shops, health-obsessed fast goods, new laidback gastro(pub)nomy to over-packaged exoticism. A unique analysis bound to dazzle you with the variety, creativity and high quality marketing involved. Discover the best of Shoreditch, the striking Carnaby Street, the innovative Dalston or Hackney and the disciplined guilty pleasures of Marylebone !
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Inspiresto Copenhagen

In terms of gastronomy, winter is right here (enthusiasts get it). Since 2003, the year of the launch of Noma in Copenhagen and the publication of the Scandinavian cuisine manifesto, the great northern wind has been blowing across kitchens. The pinnacle of local products, authenticity, simplicity and natural presentations, emergence of smoked, acidic and even burnt flavours… the Scandinavian influence is definitely there! To understand its richness and capitalize on opportunities, Inspiresto takes you for a walk in the alleys of Vesterbrø, one of the trendiest places on the planet, to fast-moving Norrebrø o Osterbrø, to unearth concepts and ideas that certainly hold promise.

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Inspiresto Berlin

The green beauty still seduces all creatives around Europe: she knows how to propose them incredible experiences, as well as truly authentic concepts… Green friendly lifestyles, new Health expectations, warm & casual moods and inspiring foodtech & retail innovations… Get the best of Kreuzberg, Mitte or the incredibly creative Friedrichshain .
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Trend safaris

Reading is good, experiencing is better! The trend safaris organised by Bento are always a hit. Please tell us more about your projects, we’ll be delighted to help.

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