Végécentric: 2016, year of the vegetable?

2016 could be the year of the vegetable and it is in any case well left if one believes the American tenders who cite all this old bad loved as the new star of the year, version more and more cooked to To exalt all the flavors and possibilities …

In New York, the vegetable is revisited by Amanda Cohen, the famous chef of the Dirt Candy restaurant with its two best known specialties: its spiced or beetroot flavored pot loaves or its iconoclastic version of the tacos (pictured) Garnish, rather than a corn cake, crisp green salad leaves with braised Brussels sprouts, a host of tasty and gourmet preparations. Pretty, light, customizable, fresh, colorful … Who says better?

The vegetarian addresses are multiplying and allow the chefs to reaffirm their know-how in the face of city-dwellers curious to experiment with this new approach to cooking. Compression, icing, roasting are no longer reserved for proteins and show the vegetable kingdom from an entirely new point of view. These techniques feed an entire army of new places that see the vegetable in tapas version which moves, reassuring comfort food based on generous pizzas or burgers as delicious as dietetically correct, ever more numerous and sophisticated garnishes and more and more often in the center Of the plate. Always with fairly remarkable presentations that give all these dishes strong identities. Most of all a pensum but a real pleasure and for the customers, an effective way to affirm their clairvoyance and their intelligence of life. It is indeed quite impressive to see the development of vegetarian sections within the most fashionable restaurants.

The vegetable is found at a crossroads of unique trends: it is healthy, good for the planet so socially irreproachable, it is gluten free (yes!), Economically accessible, declinable to infinity … A playground to be cleared in emergency !